City Commission Meeting

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Call to Order / Roll Call / Flag Salute 00:00:05

Awards - Kansas Assoc. Chief Police Valor Awards 00:01:15

(3.1) Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police 2019 Valor Awards presentation

Citizen Forum 00:07:23

Consent Agenda 00:22:32

(7.1) Ordinance 20-11036 00:23:20

Second reading levy Special assessments for nuisance abatement

Ordinance 20-11037 00:25:18

Second reading levy special assessments for sidewalk repairs

Adopt 2021 budget and related items 00:26:47

(7.4) Resolution 20-7862 00:43:32

Amended sidewalk cafe license agreement allowing replacement of tree with statue/pedestal for Barolo Grill 112 South Santa Fe.

Return to Full Staff Scheduling Transition Plan 00:53:35

Development / Other business / Adjournment 01:47:45

Discussion about Study Session Public Forum

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